Budget Travel Tips

Some of the best holidays you can have in this country don`t come with fancy prices. It is possible to have a great holiday on a tight budget. Here`s how:

Firstly consider is when you can go. Avoid the main holiday season when prices for everything will be at their most expensive. And always try to book everything as far in advance as possible. That is when prices are lowest.

Accommodation is usually the most expensive item in the holiday. But there are plenty of low cost and very reasonable bed and breakfasts in this country especially in the countryside and away from the city centres of the main tourist hotspots.

You might also want to consider doing house swaps with people in areas you want to visit; or try a youth hostel which despite the name are open to all ages; and camping in a tent is always a great option if you want to reach those difficult to reach spots around the country.

The main cities and tourist hot spots are always expensive so try to avoid these. But if that is where you are looking to go even there it is possible to have a great time on a tight budget. Firstly set yourself a daily budget and stick to it. Avoid eating where tourists eat and pay fancy prices. Eat where the locals eat. For getting around buy bus passes which will be cheaper than paying as you go. And remember most museums and art galleries in this country are free.

But if you really want to save money the countryside away from the obvious tourist locations such as certain places in the Lake District, is always open and always free to enjoy. Britain has great natural beauty to suit all shapes and sizes and low cost accommodation to suit all budgets. And of course you can always take a tent to save even more.

Travelling around too can be an expensive budget item so try to minimise this. Again book ahead for travel and look to get the cheapest tickets on trains, buses or planes you can. Buses tend to be the cheapest way to get to and from your destination. Consider too travelling overnight on long trips. It will save you on a night's accommodation.

And have you ever thought about hiring a campervan? They may look cramped but they are surprisingly spacious. And think of the advantages. Your accommodation is free and you don't need to waste time trying find somewhere to stay and getting the best deal. You can go where you like, when you like. And you get to see some of the most stunning scenery and countryside this country has to offer. And all for free.

So maybe this year when it comes to arranging your holiday, instead of asking what hotel to go to, maybe the questions will be "what hostel?", "what campervan?" or "what tent?" It will be fun. Promise.