Travel Advice

Route Planning

One of the tricks to any road trip is prior planning, especially if you are on a limited schedule or budget. The AA in the UK have a very simple online tool for you to plan out routes to all your favourite spots, or anywhere in the UK and Europe for that matter. Just click on the link below to open up a new window.

To help you decide where or what exactly you may want to go and see, just click on the links below to check out a new page that lists out potential driving itineraries by area in the UK. (Just remember though, we highly recommend that you buy a good guide book before coming to the UK and Europe).

Camping in the UK

Parking in the UK and Europe is pretty easy. Like anywhere though, please remember that local laws do apply and any violations are your responsibility. You can often park and sleep in truck stops, but there are heaps of caravan parks and camping grounds in the UK and Europe offering great facilities at minimal cost.

All of our campers come with the AA Britain and Ireland Camping Ground Guide to make life easier as well. What you might want to do though is to get a head start on planning your trip. Fortunately though, others have already done that for you, and you can click on the link below to see regional camping sites throughout the UK and Ireland with reviews and descriptions. There is also a list of places that you can stay at for free as well!

Another new site is which is a co llaborative site where you can read about other peoples' experiences and also add your own. This is a great way to hear about some great sites that you might not otherwise find. We encourage you to add your own experiences there and recommendations.

Camping in Europe

Camping in Europe is also a very straight forward affair. There are heaps of great spots to see and camping sites are located around all the major cities, so rather than having to drive into Paris or Rome for instance, you can just park up and take public transport.

From the 1st July 2012 it is Law to carry a disposable Breathalyser Test Kit in France. This is available on our options list and is included in our continental insurance pack.

Some European Cities are bringing in new emission level legislation in the forthcoming years. Particularly for Diesel vehicles. This is a fluid legislation at the moment so advise is minimal until it is fixed.

The facilities in these campsites are great as well. Europeans actually love to go camping, although their idea of roughing it isn't quite the same as other places you may have been. Campsites are often equipped with excellent facilities ranging from pools to restaurants. The link will help you find the place you're looking for (you can also book ahead as well!)

We have simplified our European camping equipment: what were once separate items are now available as a package. Our European Camping Package includes the mandatory Breathalyser Kit, Headlight Converters, and Breakdown Cover.

These are available at:

  • 1-8 days - £59.00
  • 9-19 days - £114.00
  • 20-29 days - £179.00
  • 30 days and over - FREE
(All prices incl VAT)